aaron cantor

primal practice




Aaron Cantor is an embodiment teacher, a movement catalyst and physical intelligence instigator. Over many years, he created Primal Practice, an innovative way to support wellness through playfully developing mindfulness and movement skills. He lives in Western Massachusetts, USA with his boys Bodhi and Jasper and teaches workshops around the world.


Primal Practice is an intuitive, playful practice that draws from multiple yoga, martial, meditation and movement disciplines for inspiration and insight.

Dissolve the boundaries between life, work and play. Be robust and resilient. Learn to use ground, gravity and your own one-of-a-kind design to become a fully capable, comfortable, creative and confident human animal. This practice focuses on cultivating your innate physical intelligence so you can adapt and thrive in any situation.

Aaron has spent over 15 years collecting, creating, contemplating and refining the material he presents in his workshops. He is grateful to his many friends and mentors who have shared so much with him.



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