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Craig Mallett is a principal member of Physical Alchemy. He works closely alongside Dave Wardman, tinkering, experimenting and being experimented on. It was one such experiment that broke the chrysalis and propelled him into becoming a dedicated student of the Da Xuan Daoist tradition after initially having studied the traditional Chinese martial arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Cha Quan under Dapeng Wang for a decade.  He also gathered experience with various movement and physical cultivation arts during a period of wandering. 


During his travels he developed a syllabus of ‘Body Awakening’ - a series of explorative drills designed to awaken dormant tissues from their slumber. These simple drills work best as supplementary exercises  to an existing physical practice, although could also serve as a reasonably complete practice on their own for those who are interested in simply increasing the feeling of tissue control and sensation in the body. Body Awakening drills also work in concert with the Repatterning Stretching and other syllabuses of Physical Alchemy.

As a more robust teaching, Craig has also began developing a syllabus called ‘Daoist Physical Cultivation’. It is made predominantly of drills from the lineage of Cha Quan he learned from Dapeng, mixed with various other elements and presented within the Physical Alchemy framework of ‘Physical Repatterning Work’. The drills are mostly presented as static postures, stances, kicks, line drills and various alignment drills - all with a common purpose of developing a strong structure and deep relaxation within athletic and agile movements, and bringing the light of awareness and sensation to the hidden and avoided corners of the body and breath.

Finally, Craig is also an Instructor of the Da Xuan School Sydney under the tutelage of Serge Augier, and will occasionally present workshops on various teachings of the Da Xuan Daoist tradition separately from the Physical Alchemy work.



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