Emmet LouiS

Silver leap Project





Emmet is a graduate of the National Centre of Circus Arts, London. He focuses on teaching physical development but with an acrobatics focus. His current main teaching is a system of mobility development called “Modern Methods of Mobility”.


Emmet’s main motivation in his teaching is the phrase “That’s amazing, I could never do that.”  He gets immense satisfaction from dispelling that belief from people.


Emmet Louis is a renowned flexibility and mobility teacher, giving seminars worldwide.

He has been researching and teaching flexibility methods for over a decade. And is currently writing a textbook to present these methods.

His current interest is the phenomenon of flexibility and how we can cause it to be expressed in the human body. He’s equally at home teaching complete beginners as he is teaching contortionist levels of flexibility with his adaptable approach.

One of the early questions that came up in Emmet’s research was why some people get flexible and others don’t within various approaches to stretching. After trying to get to the root of this question he ended up with his current system.

While the answer still eludes him due to flexibility being a multicausal phenomenon in the human body,  what he is left with is a very practical system for categorising all the variables within the spectrum of flexibility and mobility development.

Once these variables are understood all the various types of flexibility and mobility systems can be quickly categorised and a person's own level and type of stretching that is suitable for them can be found and utilised for rapid progress.

To get an idea of Emmets approach, here's an interview our friends at Ardour did with Emmet, interviewed by Tom Merrick aka The Bodyweight Warrior:



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