Natalie Reckert - Moving Balance Masterclass - London

Natalie Reckert - Moving Balance Masterclass - London

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Natalie Reckert will be teaching a 4 hour masterclass on handbalancing in Local Motion London!


Workshop Details:

Workshop:  Handbalancing with Natalie Reckert - Moving Balance Class

Dates:  3rd of December

Times:  11am - 3pm

Venue:  Local Motion London

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Workshop description

Hand balancing is a great way to improve your physical fitness. Handstand training requires courage, endurance and focus and determination. It will develop your flexibility, your coordination and your overall strength.
A person who is able to balance their weight on their arms develops a completely new feeling for
the body. My handstand workshops are for everyone who would like to learn to do a handstand or improve
their skills. My participants have various backgrounds, some come from movement, some are cross fitters,
acro-yogis or people who just enjoy practicing acrobatics.

In my workshops I explain training methods, different ways of going in and out of a handstand and
various progressions to more advanced shapes. I will also give you strengthening and stretching exercises that prepare the body for doing handstands.
My main goal is to prepare you for your own individual practice.
I don't see hand balancing as a trick for which you need to hold your breath, but as a physical state which you achieve by the right amount of strength, flexibility and softness.

Natalies Approach


Moving Balance is a training program for handstands developed by Natalie Reckert.

The program is a holistic physical approach that trains every part of the body and consists of conditioning as well as mobility exercises. On the way to developing your handstands you are going to become strong, flexible and more aware of your whole body.

A handstand focuses the body and the mind to achieve a single goal: the moment of balance.

Moving balance is a full body training. It strengthens your determination to set goals for yourself and work towards achieving them. It takes time to learn a handstand. It requires a training that changes your body and your physical practice in the long run.

But it is also a lot of fun to do handstands! It reminds us of how effortless movement was as a child.

Learning to balance on your hands as well as you can on your feet truly changes your perspective of life.

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