Emmet Louis - Splits and Pancake Masterclass - Glasgow

Emmet Louis - Splits and Pancake Masterclass - Glasgow

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Emmet Louis is teaching a day of flexibility in Glasgow on the 20th of January 2018! We will be addressing flexibility restrictions that refer directly to your daily practice with particular focus on Splits and Pancake, aiding you in handbalancing, lifting and unilateral leg work (pistols etc).

Come along and learn about progressions, regressions and programming flexibility.


Workshop Details:

Workshop: Flexibility Masterclass with Emmet Louis

Dates:  Saturday, 20th of January 2018

Times: 10am – 2pm 

Venue:  Activ Scotland

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We will be addressing flexibility restrictions that refer directly to your daily practice with particular focus on overall hip mobility in regards to lifting and unilateral leg work (pistols etc) and handbalancing (straddle, front splits).
Emmet will be taking you through the different flexibility components that are needed to achieve a nice, comfortable position in splits and pancake. You will get an overview of many regressions and progressions for the fastest and safest way to achieve all the flexibility you need for your practice.

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At the end, we will have a 45 minute lecture on programming for flexibility and structuring everything you've learned in the workshop, along with a Q&A session.

One of the early questions that came up in Emmet’s research was why some people get flexible and others don’t within various approaches to stretching. After trying to get to the root of this question he ended up with his current system. 

While the answer still eludes him due to flexibility being a multicausal phenomenon in the human body,  what he is left with is a very practical system for categorising all the variables within the spectrum of flexibility and mobility development.

Once these variables are understood all the various types of flexibility and mobility systems can be quickly categorised and a person's own level and type of stretching that is suitable for them can be found and utilised for rapid progress.


Building on this system, Emmet will go through different types and approaches to stretching most applicable to the group, leaving you with a clear roadmap of progressions to achieve your personal flexibility goals.

This workshop is suitable for any practitioners looking to perform better, lessen the chances of injury and widen their range of skills.  It is also aimed at and suitable for coaches.

The class is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Please be sure to book your spot well in advance if you would like to participate. The tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis.

130 € (110€ Early Bird)

What to bring

Something to take notes, some water, comfortable clothes and your happy stretching face.

To learn more about Emmet Louis and his approach to flexibility training, have a look at his presenters page here.