Evolve Move Play - Europe Intensive with Rafe Kelley - Spain

Evolve Move Play - Europe Intensive with Rafe Kelley - Spain

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In an increasingly disembodied world lived through digital spaces, where atomized individuals are struggling for connection, for meaning, nothing is more valuable than a deep connection to body, to nature, and to the tribe. Join us to reconnect you deeply, with body, land and tribe. Through the power of natural movement, you will learn to become a more adaptable, antifragile, embodied, flowing and happy human.

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Evolve Move Play - Europe Intensive


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Who is it for?

If you are passionate above movement, and nature, and want to develop a movement practice that will bring the most meaning to your life, then this retreat is for YOU. Seeing what our students and coaches are capable of is sometimes intimidating to beginners, but the whole point of our EMP system is that it is adaptable to all levels and ages! We have had students as young as 11 and as old as 73 join us with no difficulty. Our students have spanned the gamut from untrained novices to elite parkour and MMA athletes. The European Intensive is open all ages 14 and up younger on advisement.

Retreat details: Evolve Move Play - Europe Intensive
Dates: 1st of October - 7th of October 2018
Venue: Finca de la Jara, Spain

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Learn the principles of natural parkour, roughhousing, tree climbing, contact improv, and more at the Evolve Move Play Europe Intensive

What you will learn:

  • Arboreal Movement. Learn to swing, jump, and vault through the trees like Tarzan, and reconnect with 90 millions years of primate evolution, the source of most of our movement capacities.

  • Flow Learn the principles of flow and ways to move over the flat ground, rocky terrain, or city walls and rails.

  • Ground Engagement. Ground flow and break falling, rebuild your relationship, confidence, and vocabulary moving on and getting to and from the ground.

  • Roughhousing/Rough and Tumble Games, drills, and concepts to help you reclaim the fun of roughhousing like a kid, while developing the full body athleticism, movement sensitivity, and capacity for communication and emotional regulation that roughhousing is unmatched in developing. We also touch on roughhousing’s connections to advanced martial arts, self defense, and contact improvisation.

  • Joint Integrity and Body Preparation. Mobility health and longevity practices to reclaim your natural supple connected body.

  • Mental game development. Techniques and concepts to improve your ability to focus, overcome fears, and create the optimal mental states for performance.

  • Fire Making. Learn how to use a bow-drill to create a friction fire; learn how to collect and prepare tinder and build a fire from natural materials.

  • Tracking. Learn to recognize signs of wild animals, and what they are telling you from tracks, scat, kill sites and more.

  • Bush Food. Learn to find delicious wild foods in your environment.

... And more!

You will leave with:

  • A more meaningful movement practice

  • Greater resilience and adaptability

  • An increased connection to nature

  • New ways to play and communicate to improve your tribal connections

  • An understanding of how to train using the movements we evolved for

  • How to adopt a more movement oriented lifestyle

  • A new tribe!


Natural movement practice will prepare your body to be strong and capable for the real world. However, here at EMP we believe natural movement is about so much more than just fitness or skills. This Evolve Move Play Intensive will bring you to a place of inner stillness, to a state of being intensely alert, alive, and present in body and mind.
For the first time in Europe, this truly immersive outdoor movement camp will provide you the tools to master your body, mind, and spirit through movement and connect to your environment and community. This camp will rekindle your sense of play and will teach you to build your own joyful and sustainable natural movement practice.
We have crafted our schedule of the week to allow for both exploration of the natural environment around Los Alcornacles on full day excursions, as well as dedicated play and exploration time through roughhousing and partnergames on the beautiful property of Finca de la Jara.
You will learn to run, jump, vault, swing, dance and flow through natural environments with grace and freedom; to lift, carry and throw rocks and logs with strength and confidence; develop real-life wrestling, striking and evading skills through contact games; and build sensitivity, trust, negotiation and rapport with your community through partner games.
You will leave as a more embodied, capable and alive human being, reconnected to yourself, to the natural world, and to people around you.
This retreat is designed to cater to all skill levels, as the group will be held small enough to enable individual tuition during all classes.

More about Rafe Kelley and Evolve Move Play on his presenters page!


Our homebase - Finca de la Jara

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For the duration of the EMP Europe Intensive, we will be based at beautiful Finca de la Jara. This lies nestled between the mountains within the National Park of Los Alcornacles. Surrounded by wild peaks, tropical forests and waterfalls our home base is perfectly located to reintroduce you back in the wild and as a place of adventure and relaxation. 
The Finca itself is ten hectares in size and has nature trails cut through the wild olive groves, these wind past ancient trees and flower rich meadows and a beautiful wild river. There is a natural pond that is surrounded by willows which is perfect for cooling off in summer. Dotted throughout the property are camping spots set in glades, where we have pitched the Fincas hand made glamping bell tents. 


These tents have proper beds and rugs and offer an exotic yet wild place to stay. f you book as a group or as a couple, you will have the possibility to specify who you would like to share a tent with during the sign-up process. We will do our best to accommodate any preferences.
On Finca de la Jara you will find a haven of peace, calm and tranquillity, far away from the busy and noisy coastal strip, however the long wild beaches of Tarifa are just 15 minutes to the south, and we will be spending many days of this Intensive on full day excursions to explore the Nature around our homebase.




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Full board is included during your stay at Finca de la Jara. Good food is integral, especially to allow for the amount of physical activity we will be doing on this retreat. Our host Neil will be preparing delicious home cooked meals using only the finest local organic ingredients. This includes lunch and dinner on the day of arrival, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the three days and breakfast on the day of departure. Water, coffee, tea and snacks are also provided.  Food is brought in daily from the village market and the meat comes from the free range animals in the park, the eggs from the local hens, bread from the wood fired bakery, handmade cheeses from local farms and vegetables from smallholdings.
We can cater for all dietary requirements and preferences if you let us know on the booking form.


The location and how to get there:

Check in at the venue is on the 1st of October from 2pm, and check out at 11am on the 7th of October.
When you have signed up, we will send you an email outlining all of these details to help you make necessary travel arrangements and help you prepare for the retreat.


There are several ways of getting to Finca de la Jara, but for most people flying in will be the easiest option. There are several airports nearby, with Malaga being the main one serving the region. But don’t forget to check Jerez (Ryanair, London Stanstead) and Gibraltar, which would be the closest one. This one is served by Easyjet, for example.
Together with our hosts at Finca de la Jara, we will be arranging pick up services from Gibraltar, Jerez and Malaga Airports on the 1st of October. Once you have signed up for the retreat we’ll be in touch via email in order to schedule all transfers, so that we can make this experience as smooth as possible for you!



Booking and Payment:

Pricing for the full retreat, including accommodation, transfer from/to the airport and full board, is 2350€. Payment plans are available as outlined below, and you can sign up with a €470 deposit to secure your spot. The rate includes 6 nights accommodation at Finca de la Jara, lunch and dinner on the day of arrival, 3 meals on the following 5 days and breakfast on the departure day as well as water, snacks and coffee/tea throughout the retreat. Most importantly, there will be multiple training sessions and lectures each day, with enough time to enjoy the peace and calm of Finca de la Jara and the surrounding property.

Payment options:

Payment can be made via PayPal or Credit Card by using the check out above. Early Bird pricing is available until the 1st of August!
There are three different payment options available:

Option 1: 4 instalments
€470 deposit when you sign up (non refundable)
4 further monthly instalments of €470 each. You will be notified when payment is due and receive a link from which you can easily come back to the checkout.
Please note that the deposit is non-refundable unless due to a medical reason you can no longer attend.

Option 2: Half and half
Sign up with the first half, €1175, and pay the other half in the months leading up to the internship.
You will be notified when payment is due and receive a link from which you can easily come back to the checkout.

Option 3: Full payment
Select to pay the full amount of €2350 in one go - you won't have to make any further payments.



      1. Am I too old? Too large? To young? Too much of a novice?
If you can walk and run, you are ready to join us. We have had students as old as their 70’s join us and have a blast! This seminar is for all ages and levels. 

     2. Do I need to be skilled at parkour?
Nope. Some of the students you see in our videos doing amazing movements learned them the week they trained with us. This is a seminar for all movement backgrounds.

      3. Are there payment plans?
Yes, absolutely. We realize this is a big commitment and we’re happy to work with you to make sure you can join us.

      4. What is the cancellation policy?
You can read up on the Motion Impulse cancellation policy for retreats here

      5. Will I be able to apply this approach with my personal training clients?
Yes we will be covering ways to use the materials with your clients when you return home. 

      6. Is this dangerous?
Any athletic activity carries some risk, but these movement practices are far less dangerous than they are usually believed to be. We evolved to run, jump, and climb, and have natural instincts for what is safe when doing so. Our approach focuses on helping you progressively learn your own limits. Over the history of our teaching our injury rate is less than half that of something like playing soccer. With our roughhousing we introduce elements like lifts, striking, and grappling only after teaching breakfalls and developing good partnering techniques. We start with games that have strong safety limitations before progressing as students’ competency grows. While we ask students to gently push their personal limits, we never ask or expect students to “keep up” or perform beyond what they are capable of.


Testimonials for Return to the Source

RTS Whatcom photos_160811_0089.jpg

This Evolve Move Play Europe Intensive is based on the format of the Return to the Source retreats. Here is a testimonial of former EMP student, now apprentice, Robert Lansdell describing his experience at this event:

“Standing at the top of the cliff looking down through the thirty foot expanse of empty air below me, watching the water lazily churn and bob away from the pristine falls, and seeing the expectant faces of people I’d come to know as friends, I knew I could make the jump — if only my legs would move. I had jumped off cliffs before, but not from this high up, and my nerves were getting the best of me. All day I knew that this moment was coming, and as we rock hopped down the length of the beautifully rugged Whatcom Creek, I had imagined myself coming to the ledge and making a running leap with zero hesitation, but when the moment arrived I stopped. I backed away and let Scott be the first to leap into the abyss. Soon Adam, Dane, Nick, Emma, Laura, Rusty, Dan, and Mike had all jumped, but I was still hanging back. You might slip and fall flat, or swallow too much water, or jump into a shallow bit and get hurt… my mind tried desperately to turn me around, but my heart knew I would be fine. I edged forward as I peered down I heard someone down below yell “YEAH ROBERT!” and my feet were suddenly searching for solid ground. I felt my whole body tighten up as air rushed past and my stomach tried worming its way into my throat. At the last moment I straightened into a pencil and felt the cool waters flood up past my head. I was smiling before I made it to the surface. I couldn’t help it.
[Return to the Source] was no boot camp either; Rafe’s team of assistants made it possible for everyone to go at their own speed and level of capability. Nearly every time I would look back, Rafe would be hanging off of a root or tree branch or thin rock wall helping someone to make it over or around an obstacle. Soon others were taking his lead and those who were capable made sure to help those less so. Not everyone jumped from the cliff, but I’m sure everyone had a moment where they saw their own fear standing in their way and felt the immense, life-affirming joy of overcoming that fear and doing something they weren’t sure they could do. Watching their faces, you could see it happening: first fear and doubt, then resolution, commitment, and elation.
I could spend a lot of time detailing the breathtaking locale we camped at each night, or the delicious meals made by truly talented cooks, or the hours spent around the fire and around the table talking with wonderful beautiful people from around the country. Instead all I will say, with complete honesty, is that what I learned at Return To The Source has improved the way I view myself and the world around me. I recommend this experience to anyone and everyone. I guarantee no matter who you are, you will be challenged and given the chance to find a deep well of strength and happiness within yourself, and when you’re done, you’ll be raring to go back for more.”
-Rob Lansdell


“Ultimately, this is so much more than a physical experience of returning to the physical aspects of what makes us human. It is about returning to community, returning to human connection and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with others, and just having fun. This was quite honestly one of the best experiences of my life and I would love to be able to attend again.”
– Jamie R. (Seminar Participant)


“Rafe gave us permission and guidance to explore our physical capabilities as well as push our personal boundaries.”
– Robert L. (Seminar Participant and now EMP Coach)


“People come into one’s life by chance. Very few of these random interactions leave such a profound positive impact that one shudders to think the path life would have taken otherwise. I consider having met and worked with Rafe one of the interactions in my life; one so holistically rich that I struggle to put a monetary value on it.”
– Kam L. (Seminar Participant)


“It’s odd to think about how powerful that one jump has been in my life. I mean, speaking literally, it’s just a jump between two rocks, but I draw on that experience all the time. Not JUST when I’m faced with physical challenges, but when I need to find the courage to speak up, to be more authentic, to be vulnerable, to try something new, to stop the internal dialogue that says “who are you to think you can do this.”
– Maura R. (Seminar Participant)