Mikael Kristiansen - Handbalancing Masterclass - Cork

Mikael Kristiansen - Handbalancing Masterclass - Cork


Handbalancer and circus artist Mikael Kristiansen is coming back to Cork to teach a handbalancing masterclass in Cafe Move!

Whether you're only beginning your explorations upside down or want to add to your existing practice, this one is not to be missed!

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This handbalancing masterclass consists of Mikael’s approach towards handbalancing technique. It offers a combination of traditional Russian handbalancing with alternative strategies of developing awareness and coordination while upside down.

Workshop Details:

Dates & Times: 25th of September, 18.00 - 21.00
Venue: Cafe Move, Cork
(Unit 3 Karlbrooke Business Park, Doughcloyne Industrial Estate, Sarsfield Road, Wilton, Cork, Ireland)

The masterclass is limited to 20 participants, and spots are sold on a first come first served basis.

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Workshop Description:

This masterclass is open to all levels- there will be enough space to cater to your individual handbalancing needs.

We'll be covering the building blocks for controlling a 2 arm handstand. No previous experience with handstands is needed. The primary focus is to develop an understanding of the concepts and providing the tools necessary to build an efficient and rewarding handstand practice. Alignment, balance, and the relation between these will be at the core of the work. Specific strength, flexibility, shoulder, elbow and wrist preparation drills will be covered.  

If you have some degree of control and experience in a handstand, you will be working on refining alignment, working with various leg positions and the effortless changing between shapes, practice towards press to handstand and the road towards 1 arm handstands. There will be enough room for individual attention to work on your specific needs and goals as well as inspiration to try new things others might be working on.

This session will run for 3 hours. Students are encouraged to work to and respect their own limits, and all exercises can be scaled to your current abilities. You will leave this course with a good understanding of the areas you personally need to focus on to make the most out of your handbalancing practice.

About Mikael:

Mikael Kristiansen is a contemporary circus artist specializing in handbalancing. He has a background as a bboy and has a Bachelor in Circus Arts from DOCH, Stockholm. Since finishing school he has worked for companies such as Cirkus Cirkör and 7 Doigts de la Main. His main focus as a performer is the search for congruence between physicality, mental imagery and presence to bring life to the work. He is currently based in Sweden.

For more info head to Mikael's presenters page or to his website.