Mikael Kristiansen - Handbalancing Workshop in Glasgow

Mikael Kristiansen - Handbalancing Workshop in Glasgow

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Handbalancer and Circus Artist Mikael Kristiansen is coming to Glasgow to teach his all levels handbalancing workshop at Fortius Athletics!

Book before the 20th of May 2019 to avail of the early bird booking price and save 50€!

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Handbalancer and Circus Artist Mikael Kristiansen is coming to Glasgow to teach his all levels handbalancing workshop at Fortius Athletics!

Dates and times:

Saturday the 8th of June 1pm - 6pm
Sunday the 9th from 11am - 4pm.

60 minute lunchbreak on both days.

The workshop consists of Mikael’s approach towards handbalancing technique. It offers a combination of traditional Russian handbalancing with alternative strategies of developing awareness and coordination while upside down. Many of the spotting techniques used are different from the ones most often seen, to scale the exercises to be able to suit different bodies and levels of experience. Development of alignment, principles of balance, and the relationship between these will be at the core of the work. We will also cover press to handstand, the road towards 1 arm handstands and the relation between these. Specific strength, flexibility, shoulder, elbow and wrist preparation drills will also be covered in detail.

Mikaels key research into handbalancing is to isolate the principles that are always present, regardless of which balance is being done. This allows for a proper understanding of how basics lead towards the more complex skills as well as using specific drills to develop the most important physical capacities necessary at various levels.The goal of the workshop is to contribute with exercises as well as understanding for how the process works so that the participants can work themselves with a clear direction of practice afterwards.

Each session lasts for 4 hours total per day. Students are encouraged to work to and respect their own limits, and all exercises can be scaled to your current abilities. You will leave this course with a good understanding of the areas you personally need to focus on to make the most out of your handbalancing practice.

This workshop will be open for all levels and cost is 200 euros per person until the 20th of May, and 250 euro afterwards.

About Mikael:

Mikael Kristiansen is a contemporary circus artist specializing in handbalancing. He has a background as a bboy and has a Bachelor in Circus Arts from DOCH, Stockholm. Since finishing school he has worked for companies such as Cirkus Cirkör and 7 Doigts de la Main. His main focus as a performer is the search for congruence between physicality, mental imagery and presence to bring life to the work. He is currently based in Sweden.

For more info head to Mikael’s presenters page http://www.motionimpulse.com/mikaelkristiansen/ or to his website https://www.mikaelbalancing.com/