Nil Teisner - Finding Flow - London

Nil Teisner - Finding Flow - London

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Nil Teisner is teaching his weekend workshop Finding Flow at Local Motion Studios in London! This workshop is open for all levels.

Book before the 15th of August 2018 to take advantage of the early bird booking deadline!

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Workshop Details:

Dates & Times: 


Saturday 8th of September & Sunday 9th of September

Time: 11.30am – 6.00pm on both days with a sixty minute break for lunch

Venue: Local Motion Studios in London, England


Book before the 15th of August 2018 to take advantage of the early bird booking deadline.

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Workshop Description:

The workshop 'Finding Flow' aims to give all participants a playful entry into the field of acrobatics. Elements from Capoeira, Tricking, Gymnastics and Contemporary Dance merge together into an overall picture.


At the beginning, the participants will be guided through a specific warm up that aims to prepare the body and the mind for the upcoming movements. Whole body coordination and balance is going to be 'tuned', joints will be warmed up. In the next step, single elements will be learned by deconstructing them and finding progressions for each participants' ability level and comfort zone. We will take a look at different cartwheel variations, rolling maneuvers, support techniques and basic jumps. In the last part of the workshop, many elements will be sequenced and we will search for transitions from one movement into the other. The goal is to find a state of 'flow'.

The workshop is directed at anyone who is searching for a way to start acrobatics and is willing to break through physical and mental barriers.



Basics of Nil's acrobatics method: how to roll and fall safely, how to get up and down the floor, beginner acrobatic elements (cartwheels, jumps, floorwork elements) and some introduction to acrobatic strength and mobility.



Further exploration of Saturday's elements, variations, acrobatic sequences and an introduction to inversions. But don’t be afraid! Nobody needs to go beyond her/his own comfort level. There will be re- and progressions at all times!


This workshop is open for all levels.

Full weekend includes script of workshop and PDF with video link to fundamentals of the workshop.


About Nil:

For more info about Nil, head to his presenters page.