Physical Alchemy Retreat - Embodied Paradox - Lombok, Indonesia

Physical Alchemy Retreat - Embodied Paradox - Lombok, Indonesia

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Physical Alchemy Retreat 2018 - Embodied Paradox. Reenchantment and Repatterning Work - DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED!

Join us for a full week of immersion into the arcane art of Physical Alchemy. Lectures, discussion and physical practice with Dave Wardman, Craig Mallett and Frederik Beck await you amidst the lush scenery of Bali's little sister island Lombok. 

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Join us for a full week of immersion into the arcane art of Physical Alchemy. Lectures, discussion and physical practice await you amidst the lush scenery of Bali's little sister island Lombok.  Below are the syllabuses and methods to be presented throughout the week, as well as all the practical information you need to join us!




Where: Rascals at Kies Villas, Lombok Indonesia
The early bird booking ends on the 1st of January 2018.

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Dave WardmanCraig Mallett and Frederik Beck.




Physical Re-patterning Work

Physical Re-patterning Work is a way of teaching physical methods.  It is the art of using physical methods to produce emergent results across the whole spectrum of what a Human Being encompasses.  
The guiding principles are explicitly not those of fitness, performance, health or wellness - though aspects of these may occur as ‘beneficial collateral’.  We train to free ourselves from the habitual patterns of motion, speech, behaviour, gesture and posture that bind our creative resources in stasis and prevent our authentic expression.  
This approach can be used to augment and balance practice in:  movement arts, martial arts, performing arts and parkour (arts of evasion).  


Reenchantment as defined within Physical Alchemy as a transmutation related to *seeing* that accompanies a fundamental shift in one’s perception of self, other, culture and the world. Part of this is provoked by working upon the ‘flexibility’ of the emotional, mental and metaphysical bodies in a way that is analogous to the work upon flexibility and suppleness of the physical body.

We will share the insights gathered from Dave’s last 5 years of research - including exercises, cosmology, lore and patterns involved in what is a truly fascinating aspect of human transformation.  This retreat is the first time that this material will be presented in the public forum.



Repatterning Stretching

This syllabus predominantly utilises partner stretching as a method of self-enquiry. This begins with increasing sensory impressions; increasing suppleness and flexibility of the body; and working to refine the physical base metal of the body so that more potent methods can be trained safely and effectively.  We use stretching to shine a light into the dark, unmapped corners of our inner landscape. As our physical barriers dissolve we can repattern our fear of unknown; our allergy to mystery.  

Alchemical Stretching

Once sufficient resources have been gathered; qualities accomplished and fused together, then one can actually begin Physical Alchemy.  Alchemical Stretching is where the Re-patterning Stretching and Reenchantment work meet.  One branch of this tree takes the partner stretching into its complex and strong end point. Another limb consists of work upon ‘atmospherics’. And yet another lays beyond sight.. perhaps more a root than a branch.  


Repatterning stretching process.jpg


Daoist Physical Cultivation

This syllabus combines physical cultivation and breathing exercises from a number of traditional Chinese martial arts, Daoist practices and even modern wushu. The focus is on the development of qualities instead of upon specific skills or forms.  This creates a totally different atmosphere for the training. Working on qualities transmutes the physical structures of the practitioner in a stronger way - so that they are strengthened, relaxed, coordinated, and do not work unnecessarily against external forces such as gravity.  This melts excessive tension and inhibition from the system increasing the available energy and feeling of vitality.


Copy of Physical Alchemy 2 BW.JPG

About the Presenters:

Dave is a Reenchanter and the creator of the Physical Alchemy method.  The true prima materia of this method came through deep learning and relationships undertaken with his 4 Teachers.  These include: an apprenticeship with Stretch Therapy creator Kit Laughlin; an initial transmutation in the martial arts; studying in the Da Xuan Daoist tradition and, most profoundly, by being a student of [L] -  his spiritual Teacher [Korean Zen, Shamanism, Advaita, Enneagram].

Craig is the result of an experiment of Dave's gone horribly right. This broke the chrysalis and propelled him into becoming a dedicated student of the Da Xuan Daoist tradition after initially having studied the traditional Chinese martial arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Cha Quan under Dapeng Wang for a decade.  He also gathered experience with various movement and physical cultivation arts during a period of wandering.

Fred is currently tinkering with strength acquisition within a Physical Re-patterning Work framework as his ‘craft piece’. He has an extensive background in gymnastics, stretching and Western physical culture and holds Master’s Degree in Medicine in his home country of Denmark.


The Island and surroundings

This first Physical Alchemy retreat will be taking place in Lombok, which is situated  east to Bali in Indonesia. Lombok is like Bali 40 years ago- not without reason it is called the unspoiled Bali, and many find here what they mistakenly believed Bali could offer- a tropical Island paradise.  It's for the explorer, the traveller, the adventurist but also has the ammenities & comfortable accomodation for those who wish to have both. We will be spending our week
Kuta Lombok, the town in which we will be staying, is in the very south of the Island. It is best known for its beautiful beaches and the proximity to great surfing spots. The town is a hub for surfers, backpackers and those wishing to escape the big tourist strips on the islands. When visiting Kuta, you will fall in love with the people and their genuine hospitality.

The easiest way of arrival and departure will be via Lomboks International Airport. It is only approximately a 30 minute drive to Kuta, and we will be organising two transfers to Kuta on the day of arrival. The exact times will depend on the groups arrival details, but we will make sure to let you know your transfer details early in advance.
If you wish to spend some time in Bali before or after the retreat, it is also possibly to fly into Denpasar, Bali, (DPS) and then make your way to Lombok with a ferry. However please note that the travel time for this is can be up to 8 hours and we will not be arranging transfers from the port. For this you would need to arrange your own transport (usually a taxi is the best option) to the retreat centre. Please let us know if you are considering this option so we can provide further information.

All transfers from the Airport will take place on the 18th of February. Check in will be at 2pm, and the official kick off will be at 3.30pm, followed by our first dinner in town at 7pm.


We will be arranging a minibus on the 24th of February to transport you back to Lombok international Airport. Depending on everyone’s flight departure times we are also considering arranging a second minibus to transport you to the airport so please let us know your flight details once you are booked.
Check out will be on the 24th of February at 10am.
When you have signed up, we will send you an email outlining all of these details to help you make necessary travel arrangements and help you prepare for the retreat.


Accommodation, Training and Leisure Facilities


For the duration of the retreat, we will be staying among the lovingly designed pads and pools of Kies Villas Lombok. We will be staying in Rascals, an assortment of twin rooms surrounded by lush greenery and the stunning pool (which also boasts underwater music). 

For the lectures, we will be choosing from the many comfortable seating areas around the venue. Training will take place on the spacious training patio.





The Dream Rooms have twin beds, and can be booked to be shared or as a private room. For couples, there is the option to modify the beds to a double. Every room contains high quality bedding & linen, optic fibre internet and its own ensuite. 





Food and Drink

Kies Villas Lombok has a great restaurant that will be providing us with a breakfast buffet in the mornings and a lunch after our first bit of training. Breakfast and Lunch are included within the retreat fees.
 In the evenings, we will stroll into town for a dinner in one of the many tasty restaurants Kuta has to offer. However, the evenings are free time, and everyone can decide whether they want to eat with the group or take some time to explore the town by themselves!


For the included food, please make sure to specify any allergies or food preferences during your booking (a form will be provided).

Payment information

Pricing for the full retreat, including accommodation, transfer from/to the airport and breakfast and lunches, is €1980 early bird and €2250 regular for a shared twin room, and 2150/2450€ for a private room. Payment plans are available as outlined below, and you can sign up with a half payment deposit to secure your spot. The rate includes 6 nights accommodation at Kies Villas Lombok, breakfast and lunch on the six retreat days. Most importantly, there will be multiple training sessions and lectures each day, with enough time to enjoy the leisure facilities of the venue.

Payment options:

Payment can be made via PayPal or Credit Card by using the check out above. There are two different payment options available, and you can chose your preferred payment plan in the dropdown menu above.

Option 1: Half and half
Secure your spot  with the early bird price with the first half, €990 (early bird, shared room) or €1075 (early bird, private room), and pay the other half in the months leading up to the internship.
You will be notified when payment is due and receive a link from which you can easily come back to the checkout.

Option 2: Full payment
Select to pay the full amount of €1980 (early bird, shared room) or €2150 (early bird, private room) in one go - you won't have to make any further payments.