Tristan Kobayashi - Floorwork and Acrobatics - London

Tristan Kobayashi - Floorwork and Acrobatics - London

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Tristan Kobayashi from Walk the Fire is coming to London! He will be teaching his two day workshop "Floorwork and Acrobatics".

The early bird booking deadline for this event is the 1st of October!

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Tristan Kobayashi from Walk the Fire is coming to London to teach his two day workshop “Floorwork and Acrobatics”!


Workshop Details:

Dates: Saturday 11th of November & Sunday 12th of November

Times: 12pm to 8pm on both days with a 90 minute lunch break

Venue: CF Hackney in London, England

The workshop is limited to 30 participants, and spots are sold on a first come first served basis.

The early bird deadline for this workshop is the 1st of October.

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Workshop Description:

This workshop is all about exploring the 3 tools you have the greatest access to at all times - your body, the floor, and the wall. Fusing Capoeira, animal patterns, crawling, inverting, grappling, contemporary dance, and partner work, we will explore these dimensions.

We will be covering mobility requirements for many patterns and movements, starting from 'ground zero' with everything in a step by step manner, so that even people with no exposure to this style of work will have a great base to build a practice from.

Totally suitable for complete beginners as well as seasoned movement practitioners.

Within every segment there will be elements of partner work, as interaction is a great way to break that 'paralysis by analysis' mindset.

Day 1

The first segment is all about the compartmentalisation of differing stages of tricks, and overloading facets to enable fastest possible progress and understanding of the requirements for each trick, BEFORE you bother embarking on it as a goal.

We will then move into exploring:

  • Crawling
  • Bipedaling
  • Intention and its effects on aesthetic
  • Grappling
  • Inverting
  • Bridging
  • Twisting

The second segment is all about taking existing vocabulary, understanding the most effective methods for building fluidity within sequences, and building from the top down and finally - sequencing and improvising.

Day 2

Day 2 is all about taking the principles and isolated segments from the previous AM session, and using that information to build towards any 1 of 20+ tricks that are covered in the workshop. We have a morning session focusing on a single trick, where I and my assistants will be giving personal coaching and feedback to every participant.

The afternoon session will be a lecture on structuring practice, building compatible workout models, and a segment on video analysis (essential for self-coaching). We will then go into more guided personal practice, focusing on a different trick to the AM session. We will also talk in depth about understanding joint function, soft tissue quality, co-ordination between our limbs, and overall structural integrity.

Finishing up the day with a Q&A session.


About Tristan:

For more info head over to Tristan’s website.