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Free Arts of Movement Convention - 

Teachers and Workshops


Here's an overview of teachers and workshops, of which you'll be able to choose on the weekend!

From these, you'll be building your individual workshop program. Sign ups for the workshops will be happening on site.

The exact schedule will be published here in the next weeks, so stay tuned! Stay up to date by following our Facebook event.

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Nil Teisner Free Arts of Movement Convention

Nil Teisner - Finding Flow

The workshop „Finding Flow“ aims to give all participants a playful entry into the field of acrobatics. Elements from Capoeira, Tricking, Gymnastics and Contemporary Dance merge together into an overall picture. In the beginning, the participants will be guided through a specific warmup that aims to prepare the body and the mind for the upcoming movements.

Whole body coordination and balance will be „tuned“, joints will be warmed up. In the next step, single elements will be learned by deconstructing them and finding progressions for each participants ability level and comfort zone. We will take a look at different cartwheel variations, rolling maneuvers, support techniques and basic jumps. In the last part of the workshop, many elements will be sequenced and we will search for transitions from one movement into the other. The goal is to find a state of „flow“.

The workshop is for anyone searching for a way to start acrobatics and is willing to break through physical and mental barriers.

About Nil Teisner: My big passion is 'Movement' and I seek to involve as many people as possible in it. For me, no barriers or rules exist in movement - in our lives there are too many of those already. I look at movement in a very general way and get inspired by many disciplines - among others: Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Weightlifting, Acrobatics, Dance, Parkour and other athletic fields. For me, there is no 'one best' sport or practice - it’s about finding a combination of disciplines that support your lifestyle and suits you best.

My goal is to find freedom in movement. This means overcoming physical and mental restrictions and learning from many different disciplines to build an arsenal of various movement patterns and qualities. The aim is to pursue this with minimal injuries and maximum fun - for me it boils down to sustainability and longevity. The foundation is always to listen to your own body.

For more information and impressions, be sure to visit Nils' Website or follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

Emmet Louis free arts of movement convention - Pic SevE Lightdrawing

Emmet Louis - Splits, Bridge and Juggling

Building the Bridge

As an exercise, the bridge is more a display of flexibility rather than a useful stretching exercise. However, the bridge position is vital for many different movement practices including acrobatics, advanced level handbalancing and lots more.
In this workshop, Emmet will be taking you through the different flexibility components that are needed to achieve a nice, comfortable bridge position, including overhead flexibility, hip flexors and strengthening for stability. You will get an overview of many regressions and progressions for the fastest and safest way to achieve your bridge.

Flexibility Master Class - Front and Side Splits

This workshop is aimed at people who have a basic level of flexibility and want to achieve the splits. Front and middle splits will be covered as well as pancake, if the time allows. It is also aimed at and suitable for coaches. We'll be looking at the various regressions and the correct progressions for the positions as well as providing strategies for achieving them.

Emmets classes will be taught in English.

With his students, Emmet keeps proving that with the deliberate mix of well thought out methods, exceptional flexibility and mobility are achievable for adults with all kinds of training backgrounds. In his master classes at the Free Arts of Movement Convention, he will focus on presenting his approach to building flexibility and resilience in regards to the splits and backbending, paying special attention to the correct application concerning the adult body.

The classes will be taught within the framework of the Modern Methods of Mobility system, which Emmet has developed over the years through self experimentation as well as his personal experiences in coaching his students. He has selected these strategies among the most powerful techniques from an extensive and diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines.

More information on Emmet can be found on his presenters page at Motion Impulse, his Website as well as Facebook and Instagram. Most of his content can be found on his Youtube Channel.

kick ass yoga fam convention

Jelena Lieberberg - Kick Ass Yoga 

Twist and Shout!

To transform a vision from a dream into reality, we transform our dreams into intentions. Following the 'energy follows intention' principle, we will be giving our practice a specific direction: Focusing on the back and especially the spine, we'll apply heartopeners and twists to enliven our bodies and transform distress into a source of strength. 
Vinyasa Flow + Backbends + Twists suitable for all levels.

No equipment necessary.


Long, Slow and Deep!

We move from the outside, our body, towards the inside, the willpower. Like a clenched fist, our willpower holds on to ideas, self images and negative beliefs.
If we open up our willpower by means of assisted, deep hip opening and slow forward folds, we can let go of the old and allow the new.

Slow Vinyasa + Hip opening + Front folds suitable for all levels

If possible, bring yoga blocks and bands.


Jelena Lieberberg aka Kick Ass Yoga about herself: 

Hi, I’m Jelena - a serious yogini. I LOVE Yoga. My Yoga career started at the age of 12 when I practiced with a Croatian Yoga book my mom gave me. The lady in the book wore these exciting see through tights and lotus pose was the most impressive to me at that age.
And it still is today. Today I live in Berlin as a Yogainstructor, Writer, Naturopath, Singer, Speaker and as a Presentress and Fulltime Mom. In 2009 I took the Yoga Allience certified teacher training at Spirit Yoga Berlin. Since then, I have been teaching private and group sessions focusing on powerful, honest and touching Vinyasa style classes.
After my training as Heilpraktikerin in 2012 I found my way to a holistic path where I have learned more about the Dorn/Breuss method, Tibetan Massage and Hypno-Therapy. Since January 2014 I have embarked on a journey to more strength by combining Yoga and Crossfit: Yoga for Crossfitters is Yoga for Athletes who benefit most from combining yogic 'mobility' with graceful movements gaining more awareness of their alignment and posture. I am currently writing my own column Dies.Das.Asanas for the Yoga Journal Germany, Beeathletica and Wanderlust.

More info on Kick Ass Yoga can be found on her Website, her Facebook and Instagram.

The Art to Move Fam convention

The Art to Move - Play and Chaos

In this Play & Chaos workshop you are going to experience the importance of human interaction and “planned chaos” for the development of real world movement skills. Not only can fixed movement patterns, sets and repetitions get boring, but done solely, they also constitute insufficient preparation for the unpredictable reality of training and everyday life.

Using movement games, movement riddles and other unforeseeable situations within partnerwork, we will allow the body to reveal underlying deficits while safely adapting, thus enabling growth of relevant movement skills by means of unstructured training. 

As the title implies, the second main focus is to link this conceptual idea of chaos with the idea of play, exploration and creativity. We believe this workshop to be both fun and valuable for everyone interested in expanding their movement skillset.

We are The Art to Move, consisting of Ruppert and Nikolai, based in Hamburg. We want to move people. Furthering a community that comes together through the mutual love of movement is important to us. Together, we want to explore the complex world of movement, enhance our bodies’ skills and inspire more people to join us.

In our coaching, certain aspects are especially important. We put a lot of emphasis on the development of our hardware, meaning the development of strength in all directions, active flexibility as well as joint resilience. This prepares us for the various demands which the pursuit of different forms of movement place upon us.

Taking an evolutionary perspective on human movement, we further aim to develop fundamental qualities such as the ability to move through a complex environment (parkour, treeclimbing), basic acrobatics and employ a lot of partnerwork to learn how to deal with unforeseen situations.


Find out more about The Art to Move on their Website, Facebook or Instagram.

Natalie Reckert - Moving Balance

Press to handstand

In this workshop we will be looking in detail at lifting into a handstand, also known as the press to handstand. Different techniques work for different bodies and therefore we will be doing various exercises that focus on strength, flexibility and preparation. I’m going to look at everyone’s press individually and give feedback. I am going to show you how to practice on your own and also how to spot a partner properly.

One arm handstands

This workshop is all about the one arm handstand. I am going to explain different shapes and the basic technique. I am specifically going to look at shifting the weight, keeping the head and arm aligned, as well as how to slowly lift the free hand off the floor. Apart form that I am going to explain how to keep the position stable and how to prevent unwanted rotation in the hips. You are going to get an overview of how to increase endurance in a one arm handstand.

Moving freely between shapes

There are no limits to the shape a handstand can take. In this workshop I assume that you are familiar with tuck, straddle and pike. I am going to show you different ways of connecting these shapes. We are also going to look at possibilities to move the legs freely in a handstand or to create movement patterns.

I have been physically active since I was young. This gave me the opportunity to study many
different types of training and approaches towards movement. Moving balance is based on my training, my experience and the philosophies of the teachers I have learned from. 

A ten year long career as an internationally competing sports acrobat taught me that it is a long way towards physical excellence. With Jevgeni Kolev as a coach I learned the value of discipline and perseverance. I graduated from the „National Centre for Circus Arts“ in London in 2007 where my handstand teacher Janchivdorj Sainbayar perfected my hand balancing skills.
Since then I have been working as a professional circus performer as part of shows, in collaboration with theatre- and dance companies and with my own work as well.

My time at the school for contemporary dance „Visions in Motion“ with Deborah Smith-Wicke allowed me to develop an awareness for effortless flow in movement.

I give workshops and private classes since 2012.

You can read more about Natalie on her Motion Impulse presenters page, her website, and her YouTube channel.

Movision Movement - Natural Strength

In this workshop you will be shown how to connect your muscular and neuronal strength with precise coordination in the most efficient way possible- and all within your own body.

Apart from your body, we'll also be using simple tools such as gymnastic rings. In combination with the complex capabilities of the human body, they enable us to explore a new dimension of movement that will challenge and encourage you more than any other training tool can.

Of course there is also other ways to move your body not only in a complex, but also extremely strong way, for example handstand push ups, planches and carrying or pullling heavy weights from A to B.


+ handstand push-up + planche + heavy carries + complex and strong

Movision Movement wants to reach and entice the broad population to develop an awareness for an aware, sustainable and healthy lifestyle. This is especially problematic in these times, since we are dependent on every day structures that are completely unnatural for the human being, leading to sickness and the unlearning of what we do best: to move.

We want to share our experiences and give you both the physical and the mental tools to withstand these problems, and to live in accordance with human nature.

Which members of Movision Movement will be teaching at the convention will be announced soon - stay tuned!

Learn more about Movision Movement e.V. from Berlin on their Website, or on Facebook

Roman FAM

Roman Pallesits - Physio

Roman will be teaching workshops focusing on rehab, prehab, and selfhelp when it comes to injuries sustained from a passionate movement practice. His workshops will be held in German, but don't worry, we will have people to help with translation :)

Roman Pallesits: passionate physiotherapist since more than 18 years, with more than 13.000 clients and counting.

Roman and his team have been successfully working with pro and hobby athletes from various different disciplines including soccerplayers, 8 years of working with the national handball team, 5 years with the national Badminton team, 10 years with the state opera ballett in Vienna, boxers, MMA, cyclists and many more.


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