Frederik Beck

physical Alchemy





Frederik is a tinkerer at heart. His work on The Harmonious Body is the result of this ongoing tinkering. It is the outlet for what he considers good training to be. On one hand the aim is to develop in a physically balanced way. On the other taking into consideration the totality of the human being under going the training. It is not feasible or in any way desirable to only train a human on a physical level. The whole of the human has to be considered for the training to have a desirable effect. The Harmonious Body is the outlet for his teachings: Bringing together his years of training and wide ranging studies in the pursuit of helping other human beings express themselves more fully.

Fred also happens to be the “European branch” of Physical Alchemy.


Frederik has spent more than a decade exploring and experimenting in the realm of Physical Culture: gymnastics, stretching and lifting weights. He hails from Denmark where he received his Masters Degree in Medicine, which has given him an extensive background knowledge in anatomy and physiology to draw on. More recently he has been studying the art of Physical Alchemy under Dave Wardman. This apprenticeship-style learning allowed for an integration of previous theoretical and practical education. He currently resides in Dublin, Ireland.



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