james bailey

body worker/performing artist




I do massage and movement work with a shamanic twist. My dogma is, use what works. I don't subscribe to anyone's ideology when it comes to a holistic practice, therapy, or exploration. I take in and use the things I find useful and applicable.

Your body is a lot smarter than you give it credit for, if you learn to listen, it can tell you a lot more than you think.

I did the majority of my massage training at Jing Massage Institute in Brighton. I've been very influenced by my teachers approach of combining bodywork practices, Tom Myers work, and a fusion of Eastern massage concepts. Which I mix up within my own practice and research. 

My movement practice and teaching draws from the many different teachers I've had over the years. I'm working a lot with concepts I've learned from Fighting Monkey practice, Tom Weksler, Aaron Cantor, Emmet Louis, Ido Portal, contemporary dance, combined with shamanic practices and traditional strength & conditioning. 

I mainly teach an experiential embodiment practice with particular emphasis to how to use the body in the ways that each individual wishes to. Less specific to a discipline but also tailored to a discipline where needed. 

I find the combination of bodywork and movement practice to be very effective in both rehab and performance enhancement. 

I think of teaching as a collaboration. I facilitate the learning process. I enjoy guiding people through bodywork, movement, massage, training, nutrition, performance, and however else I can help someone who wants to learn in a holistic and experiential manner.


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