Jeremy Rocul

Ba Men Da Xuan


Jeremy has been studying and practicing since 2006 under the tutelage of Serge Augier, heir of the Da Xuan Daoist tradition. He became his disciple in 2017.

He has devoted his life to teaching full-time, as well as using the medicinal and metaphysical arts he has been studying from the Da Xuan School.
His main focus is to share the core of these arts and to promote their universal, non- cultural essence. Daoism is the way of Man between Heaven and Earth, and can be applied by anyone, whatever his cultural, dogmatic or spiritual references.
Jeremy uses the Arts of the Mountain as the gateway for a concrete, useful understanding of the relations between mind, emotions, vitality and body. He emphasises, just as he was taught, the practical aspect of these teachings, following the idea that no practice is worthy if it cannot be applied.

His workshops usually cover :

 Wai Gong, the Body Training, and/or the martial arts of Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi
Quan and Ba Gua Zhang ;
 Nei Gong, the Internal Training for a mobilization of the body and organs
through breathing and feeling ;
 Nei Dan, the Internal Alchemy, to build vitality through sitting practices ;
 Xin Yi Dao Yin Fa, to better understand the process of the emotions and the
usage of their potential
 Shen Gong, the Mind Training, to develop attention, awareness, and learn to
understand the mind


For more information about Jeremy and Da Xuan workshops, visit his website here. For more information on the Ba Men Da Xuan Tradition of Serge Augier, visit their website here.