maxime vanacker




“Nothing in Nature is random. … A thing appears random only through the incompleteness of our knowledge.” — Baruch Spinoza


I’m Maxime Vanacker. A 24-years old introspective young man, going through life with an open-mind, with my curiosity as protective angel. I’ve allowed myself some years “in the garden” – as Robert Bly would state it – feeding my own personal development and fostering my burning desires and passions.

I got pulled on my own path by an intrinsic curiosity to find out how the human body works and how I could personally make mine work to the best of its abilities. This pushed me day in and out to keep looking for something that would make me ‘itch’ for the rest of my life, as Alan Watts asked me multiple times.

Throughout this journey I’ve been to many places, seen many teachers and, not to be underestimated, learned a lot about myself and the life I want to live. It all started by studying and practicing skill and strength training, mobility training, Olympic lifting, various movement practices, Chinese martial arts and energy work, manual therapy, and probably a lot more. Although, things didn’t get clear until I had REALLY found my itch: the biochemistry and physiology of the human body. My mind clicked and pushed me through 6+ hours of daily intense research into biochemistry, psychology, neurotransmitters, hormones, gut microbiota, orthomolecular nutrition and supplementation.

This self-centeredness has given me two things in return. The first being a tremendous passion, to the point of obsession, for every factor that can possibly make me a better person. The second is a burning desire to share my passion and knowledge with the world. I truly believe that everyone on this planet is the master of their fate and has a daily choice to create a radical chance in the life they’re living.

I’m on a mission to make this change happen for others. Doing so, by teaching how to take responsibility for yourself, by educating worldwide on the truth how daily choices can change your life and by providing the best tools to create the life you truly desire.


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