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Natalie has been physically active since she was young. This gave her the opportunity to study many different types of training and approaches towards movement.  

Moving balance is based on her training, her experience and the philosophies of the teachers she has learned from.

A ten year long career as an internationally competing sports acrobat taught Natalie that it is a long way towards physical excellence. With Jevgeni Kolev as a coach she learned the value of discipline and perseverance.

Natalie graduated from the "National Centre for Circus Arts" in London in 2007 where her handstand teacher Janchivdorj Sainbayar perfected her hand balancing skills. Since then she works as a professional circus performer as part of shows, in collaboration with theatre and dance companies and with her own work.

Her time at the school for contemporary dance "Visions in Motion" with Deborah Smith-Wicke allowed Natalie to develop an awareness for effortless flow in movement.

Natalie has been giving workshops and private classes since 2012.

moving balance

Moving Balance is a training program for handstands developed by Natalie Reckert.

The program is a holistic physical approach that trains every part of the body and consists of conditioning as well as mobility exercises. On the way to developing your handstands you are going to become strong, flexible and more aware of your whole body.

A handstand focuses the body and the mind to achieve a single goal: the moment of balance.

Moving balance is a full body training. It strengthens your determination to set goals for yourself and work towards achieving them. It takes time to learn a handstand. It requires a training that changes your body and your physical practice in the long run.

But it is also a lot of fun to do handstands! It reminds us of how effortless movement was as a child.

Learning to balance on your hands as well as you can on your feet truly changes your perspective of life.

current teachings

My handstand workshops and seminars are for everyone who would like to learn a handstand or improve their skills. My participants have various backgrounds, some are circus artists, cross fit athletes, yoga teachers or people who just enjoy practicing acrobatics in their free time.

During the seminar I will explain training methods, different handstand shapes as well as stretching and conditioning exercises. Depending on the background of the group we are also going to look at handstand walking, different ways to lift into a handstand and balancing on one arm.

I see the handstand as a physical state just like many others, which you achieve by the right mix of strength and flexibility enhanced by an efficient technique. I am going to give you specific information about how to improve your handstands, but will also show you movement transitions which help you to incorporate your new knowledge of balancing into other types of physical training.

My seminars are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners.

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