Nil Teisner






My name is Nil, currently living in Munich and making a living out of teaching people how to engage in a joyful, fulfilling and long-lasting movement practice. One of my biggest passions is to explore the endless shapes and sizes of the physical. Doing so, I studied Sports Science in Munich, learned from the best in their field and spent hours researching using all kinds of sources of information. I look at movement in a very general way and get inspired from many disciplines - among others: Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Dance, Climbing, Parkour and other athletic fields. 

My personal goal is to overcome physical and mental restrictions that hold me back in learning material that I'm interested in. The aim is to do this with minimal injuries and maximum fun - for me it boils down to sustainability and longevity. 

The focus of my teachings is to find ways to make seemingly difficult movements accessible for all sorts of practitioners. When I teach acrobatic-like elements to adults in my seminars, I make sure to choose methods and modalities that allow understanding of each movement.



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