Physical Alchemy:

Unfoetalling the human form


Craig Mallett and Dave Wardman come together to teach a workshop on Unfoetalling the Human Form hosted by Santosha in Brisbane!

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240 AUD 

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Workshop Details:

Date & Time:

Saturday, 10th of November

11am - 6pm


240 AUD (210 AUD Early Bird)

The early bird booking deadline is the 15th of October 2018.


Santosha, Brisbane

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workshop Description:

The stress of modern life afflicts all humans today and one of the defensive mechanisms against this constant subclinical danger is to physically contract into the foetal position. The shoulders curl forward; the ribs sink and close; the knees come up for the legs to cover the organs; the head drops forward and the arms bend  to cover the sides and protect the face.

It has ramifications for the breathing apparatus and the ability to move and feel.  A reflexive measure against a real assault but extended exposures to our modern, chronic low-moderate grade stressors freeze the physical structures in this position - leaving us unable to open up to the world and relax into deep, pleasant breathing (even after the stress has passed!). 

Once we understand the physical manifestation of stress theory upon the human form we can see that there is sense in grouping exercises with the common goal of unfoetalling.  Some of the most potent repatterning stretches known exist in seemingly disparate locations are actually linked on a deeper level.  Hip flexor stretches; Passive and Active Backward bending; the Human Crossbow; even scalenes stretches and awakening exercises for the deep anterior neck muscles – these exercises are grouped together in Physical Alchemy and presented in this workshop by virtue of their ‘de-prawnification of the bipedal crustacean’ potency (their ability to counteract the foetaling up of the human form in retaliation to external and internal environmental stressors).

As well as unlocking certain structures via stretching, we will also learn to awaken and use the dormant structures that actively assist with opening - physical tissues that have fallen into a long slumber from disuse and inhibition. We will learn to use these structures again in the most simple of movements - breathing, standing, walking and using the limbs. With practice we will be able to soften into a deeply open and relaxed state; our protective foetalling available when necessary but not as permanent habit. This is not a ‘postural’ thing - we are simply  unlocking and awakening the body to gain awareness of sensation and create motion potentially.  Unfurling it as we did in infancy so it can once again hold any posture it cares to with no unnecessary tension. 


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About the Presenters:

Dave is the creator of Physical Alchemy and a Guide in reenchantment work.  The true prima materia of this method came through deep learning and relationships undertaken with his 4 Teachers.  These include: an apprenticeship with Stretch Therapy creator Kit Laughlin; an initial transmutation in the martial arts; studying in the Da Xuan Daoist tradition and, most profoundly, by being a student of [L] -  his spiritual Teacher [Korean Zen, Shamanism, Advaita, Enneagram].

Craig is a principal member of Physical Alchemy. He was subject to many of Dave’s early experiments, which broke him out of stasis and propelled him into becoming a dedicated student of the Da Xuan Daoist tradition. He teaches within Physical Alchemy and is also the instructor of the Da Xuan School in Sydney. Prior to this, he studied the traditional Chinese martial arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Cha Quan under Dapeng Wang for a decade as well as many other modalities of movement, strength, flexibility and general physical development.  

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