Physical Alchemy:

Physical Re-patterning Work

Craig Mallett and Dave Wardman come together to teach two workshops on Physical Alchemy in Brisbane! The Saturday will be a 3,5 hour masterclass, and on the Sunday there will be a full day Physical Alchemy workshop. You can either book them separately, or together as a full weekend experience.

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Physical Alchemy Brisbane

Workshop Details:

Saturday 23rd of September, 3pm – 6.30 p Masterclass

Sunday 24th of September, 9.30 - 5.30, Full day Workshop



Saturday only: 108 AUD (90 Early Bird)

Sunday only: 210 AUD (180 Early Bird)

both days: 280 AUD (260 Early Bird)

The early bird booking deadline is the 25th of August.

Venue: Restoration Zone, Teneriffe, Brisbane Australia


Workshop Description:

Physical re-patterning work is a paradigm for the use of physical cultivation, stretching, motion and sensory awareness exercises to evoke transmutation in human beings.  The guiding principles are explicitly not those of fitness, performance, health or wellness (though some or all of these may occur as beneficial collateral and techniques can be used in conjunction with training to these ends).  Training is to free oneself of unconscious and habitual patterns of motion, speech, behaviour, gesture and posture – and to forge onward into the un-knotting of breathing, mind and emotional patterning.  

This work is the use of physical methods in a certain way to evoke transmutation of the human being on top of the qualities already trained in the associated practice [movement arts, martial arts, performing arts and arts of evasion (parkour)].  It is a way of using physical exercise to effect a change wider and more globally within the person.  As such it deals primarily with meta-qualities that can be difficult to pin down and secondarily with the qualities of the associated arts.  This entails a more effective use of time-energy as the training can subsequently be conducted along a number of lines simultaneously.

Practically the workshop will present both exercises using stretching as an art of re-patterning [Re-patterning Stretching] and motion in awakening dormant sensory and motor functionality of the physical body [Body Awakening and Sensory Lexicon work].  Dave and Craig will outline the general and specific elements involved in transformation of standard physical training and movement arts into physical re-patterning work.  This is of interest especially for teachers and trainers who want to produce more profound results in their students and themselves.  There will also be time to investigate how to use the methods presented in beneficial combination with the other methods already practiced by the attendees.  

Physical re-patterning work is the name for the combined sub-syllabuses in the outer shell of the 3 shells [exodermal layer] of teaching that make up the Physical Alchemy method.  Time and training experience of the participants of the group will determine if teachings from the mesodermal level of Physical Alchemy will be touched upon (or not).  

How does it look?

The exercises presented will take a few forms:

  • Body awakening exercises typically involve exploring simple repetition like lifting the arm, stepping or bending over, but with a specific intention and set of cues to help us activate or feel a particular muscle or chain of tissues. We will also use specific drills for ‘bringing to life’ key structures within the body that have gone dormant.
  • Repatterning stretching takes the form of partner assisted stretches for augmenting the internal sensation (practiced with specific cues and intention) that allow us to go safely deeper into a range of motion where we can release frozen physical structures, dissolve character armour and make other useful observations.  This section also includes some very potent multiple partner stretches for the cultivation of certain qualities.  
  • Breath work generally takes place within the two practices above, although we may look at direct breathing-only methods if there is time and an appropriate group.  Some forms of ‘breath-watching’ in combination with re-patterning habits will be discussed and taught.
  • Application of the qualities trained will be integrated using various drills from the martial arts - again only if there is enough time and an appropriate group.

Further Reading

Feel free to contact either Dave or Craig before the workshop to discuss anything in regards to the workshop content or in general.

About the Presenters:

Dave Wardman and Craig Mallett (aka ‘Hammer’) have been tinkering, exploring and creating together as ‘Alchemical Brothers’ for several years. Craig has now formally joined Dave under the Physical Alchemy banner. The fusion of each of their methods and approaches is highly effective and has produced incredible results in each of them and their students. Together they have more than 30 years experience in strength, conditioning, flexibility, dance, parkour, martial arts and self cultivation arts.  Both are also students of the Daoist tradition ‘Ba Men Da Xuan’ under the tutelage of Serge Augier. Separately Dave has trained in apprenticeship style under Kit Laughlin in Stretch Therapy, and Craig studied the traditional Chinese martial arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Cha Quan under Dapeng Wang for a decade.

For further info head to the presenters pages for Dave or Craig.