Tom weksler

Movement Archery


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Tom has been practising martial arts, Capoeira, dance and different forms of acrobatic disciplines from a young age.

He graduated in 2009 from “The Workshop For Dancers and Choreographers in Haifa”. Since 2010, he has been dancing with “Inbal Pinto and Avshallom Pollak Dance Company” and performed with the company's productions in many theatres and festivals around the world.

In 2014, Tom Created the Duets "SARU' and "Heder" in collaboration with Tokyo Based Dancer and Choreographer Mayumu Minakawa. Both Duets has performed internationally in various theatres and festivals. Since 2017, he has been dancing with Guy Nader and Maria Campose Dance Company.

Tom is currently performing around the world the performance “Collective Loss Of Memory” - choreographed by “Rootlessroot” (Jozef Fruček and Linda Kapetanea) and produced by “Dot504”.

Tom's movement workshops have taken place in Dance Schools, Circus Schools, Dojos and Professional Companies in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Athens, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne, Bratislava, Milano, Rome, Pisa, Paris, Lyon, Antwerp, Boston, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Guadelajara, Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hong Kong and more.



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